Saturday, January 30, 2010


Since I have received far too many complaints lately about not posting here ya go. Honestly, I just like the simplicity of a simple statement here and there on Facebook AND the pics are way easier to post on there too. So here is what's been happening with us:

-sold our current house
-closed on it right before Thanksgiving
-the people who bought it, gave us 6 months (rent FREE) to move out
turns out is a blessing, yet also a curse do you know how scary it is to go back to a house payment after not having one??
-we decided to not go to Alaska after all. We had 2 job offers but they were both before out house sold and since the house has sold there hasn't been another offer. We both feel like we are just supposed to be here and that is ok. I am happy to just know what our plan is now and to move forward. I still really want to go visit AK at least!
-we looked at a blue million houses online, drive by's and in person
-wrote an offer on a house last week - it's now accepted
-should close on the new house at the end of February
-I'm thrilled, love it! 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, basement, over an acre in land, in a neighborhood we already liked and is still close to Etown
-the packing has begun around here.. oh the clearing out! but I really like it too. just love de-junking
-Byron is just plugging along at work and wishing the weather was nicer so he could finish up his pilots license
-Cade is still plugging along with school. He's reading like crazy and is now doing multiplication in math and seems to be getting bigger by the day
-Cory is still plugging along getting into everything she can find. in great news she will now watch tv (LOL!) but usually just "mimmee" (Mickey Mouse) and so we call her a Mickey Monster. She will be 2 Feb 20th! Where did the time go???
-I have managed to get almost all of 2008 scrapbooked but have yet to even touch 2009 - going digital on that year. My plan is to stay caught up with 2010 guess i better get going since January is just about over. OH MY!
-Still cleaning houses and posting insurance in the evenings so staying busy and now add packer extraordinaire to the list.
-it snowed a pretty good amount last night so the kids will be heading to a friends house this afternoon for snow fun and a birthday party. pics to follow (but probably only on FB, just adding this one pic took me entirely too long on here!)

Here is a picture of our new house!


Unknown said...

Well, you see, I didn't know you bought a house. So good think you updated your blog. :) Good luck packing -- I know what you mean about liking to de-clutter as you put things in boxes. Just as satisfying for me was putting everything in its new place in the new house. I love that picture of your house. You'll have to take pictures of the inside once you get settled.

Inka said...

your new house is so beautiful!
can´t wait to see more pics once you move in. :)